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We have experience in Manufacturing process, Manufacturing Equipment’s& tooling engineering & solutions. With our strong industrial experience, we support customers in the areas of manufacturing Engineering solutions, Manufacturing Equipment/SPMs design, Tool design etc. An end to end support from product design, prototyping to manufacturing support. With our network of honest and hardworking manufacturers& suppliers we support our global customers for sourcing, identifying suitable & reliable vendors. We also support in prototyping, sample batch productions & supply.

We mainly serve our clients in following areas :

Conceptual Development

Every project needs to have a unique identity. A theme or a concept around which a scheme is developed imparts a character to the project. This phase is a combination of, creative brainstorming and practical/ economic viability study for the project. Here we represent it in form of layout or block diagram of the project which shows the required functions of the project according to the requirements.

Product Design

When Concept is ready product is finalized for designing. This phase includes engineering of the product as per the concept. Here product is designed for purpose of manufacturing, considering its manufacturing processes and the material for the parts.

SPM development

Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are those machine specially designed for a particular use or function. These are not Standard Machines & are not available on shelf. Therefore, they have to be designed &tailor made as per the customer’sspecific requirements.

Reverse product development

This is the process of duplicating an existing component, subassembly, or product, without the aid of drawings or computer model. Where we study the existing product and re-engineer its parts, hence new design is made with removal of existing errors in the designs.

Jigs / Fixtures fixture Designing

The main purpose of a fixture is to locate and in some cases hold a work-piece during either a machining operation or some other industrial process. A jig differs from a fixture, it guides the tool to its correct position in addition to locating and supporting the work-piece.

Sheet Metal Modeling

Forming the sheets into desired form, to form a part of machine or product. Effective sheet metal design should not set out to eliminate welding.

Computer Aided Drafting / Detailing

which includes the process of creating a technical drawing with the useof computer software. These are 2D layouts with different views of the product & which represents a part/Assembly/Concept of a product.

General Solid Modeling& Detailed Designing

These are only models can be used for providing 3D input to CNC machines or can be used for visualization purpose to represent concept of the product.

Manufacturing & Engineering Solutions

We also help you manufacturing of your product.

2D to 3D / Paper to CAD / PDF to DWG conversions

These are converting the existing drawings in CAD format. If you have drawings in PDF / Image / catalogue / paper format, we will help you in converting these files into desired 3D or 2D CAD format.

Technical support & providing onsite manpower.

About Us

MRE has its headquarters in Pune. It is a global engineering & design solutions company.MRE shall enlarge its scope of services to meet the requirements of mechanical industries anywhere in the world. MRE Provides Design & Engineering Services with a focus on New Product Development, Product Engineering and Strategic Out-Sourcing.

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MRE is an independent engineering design solution and services company and offers mechanical engineering solutions to various Industries in the areas of mechanical engineering. MRE helps Clients by providing on demand Engineering Solutions and the right quality Resources with Expert Technical Skills.

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